Should Finland Be Your Next Destination?

Finland is a land filled with exotic people, breathtaking scenery, and some of the most interesting social customs on earth. Let’s talk about why Finland could be the best destination for your next European trip.

If we are all being completely honest, it’s rather unlikely that Finland is very high on your list of worldwide dream destinations. However, that might be a big mistake, if you know the charm and character that this little gem in the Nordics carries, it’s country that should definitely be on your bucket-list. Finland is a land filled with exotic people, breathtaking scenery, and some of the most interesting social customs on earth. Let’s talk about why Finland could be the best destination for your next European trip.


Finland is one of the most sparsely populated countries in all of Europe. But don’t let that deter you! The country is filled with endless beauty when it comes to nature, and sights to see. Outside of the bustling cities, the country of Finland has nearly 200,000 lakes, and Finns love to hike around them, swim in them, and experience them in their daily lives.

In addition to the gorgeous lakes, up north in the Finnish Lapland is one of the most clear places in the world to view the famous northern lights. Some hotels even have glassed igloos to sleep underneath the vibrant green skylight, now how would want to miss something like that? In contrast, the Finnish summers turn the country into ‘the land of the midnight sun’, with endless daylight.

For those who love being in tune with the earth and natural beauty, Finland is one of the best places on earth for it.

The Culture

The Finns have a rather bad reputation for being quite reserved and quiet people. However, once you spend a few days in Helsinki (the capital city) you will quickly learn that reputation only extends to the first few minutes. Once Finns realize that you are someone interested in them or their culture, they quickly become some of the most fun and welcoming people you are likely to meet on your European travels.

One thing that Finland is known for, is their sauna culture. The sauna was actually invented in Finland, and it is a rather important piece of their social interaction. In fact, there are almost as many saunas as there are people in Finland. The Finns love to crack open some beers, grill sausages, and spend their days swimming in the many lakes around them and going in and out of the sauna. It is one of the most exotic, and exciting cultural experiences that you are likely to experience anywhere in Europe. Not to mention, they even do it in the dead of winter, followed by swimming in the frozen waters!


Finland is known for more than a few cultural staples in their diet. The Finns have lived in their land for thousands of years, and have had time to perfect their own recipes and iconic dishes that can only be found in Finland; such as the Karelian pie, and the infamous ‘mustamakkara’ which means ‘black sausag’e–usually eaten with berry jam. Finnish food is guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever tried before.

Final Thoughts

For those who love to take a step into a more exotic adventure, the great white north could be the perfect destination. Finland is filled with natural experiences, deep history and culture, and charming people who love to meet travelers. Perhaps Finland might be the ‘hidden gem’ destination you have been looking for.

One thought on “Should Finland Be Your Next Destination?”

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